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Englishman Craig Braddick Joins Florida Steeplechase Team

Craig Braddick will be the official race caller of The Florida Steeplechase. The Englishman is considered by many to be the new voice of American Steeplechasing. His race calls have impressed experts and new fans alike for their fluidity, description, accuracy and Craig’s ability to tell the story of a race in a way that is accessible to everyone. People have made mention that if you listen to Craig’s calls you can picture the race unfolding even if you can’t see it. Growing up near Newmarket, England, Craig learned from the best UK race callers of the 1980’s and 1990’s and he called his first steeplechase when he was just fifteen years old. Craig currently calls races for 8 different racetracks and is regularly heard on TVG and Sky Sports Racing.


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