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South Creek Foxhounds to Parade at Florida Steeplechase

The Florida Steeplechase is delighted to announce that the South Creek Foxhounds will be parading their pack at the inaugural running of the meet on March 5, 2022. The South Creek Foxhounds is Florida's oldest fox hunting club officially founded in 1965 and enjoys the chase today from September through February in fixtures across six counties.

The hounds will parade on the racecourse accompanied by mounted members of the hunt in between the first and second hurdle races of the day. Co-founder of the Florida Steeplechase Archie Macauley comments, "we are delighted to get the foxhunting community involved through South Creek doing a parade of hounds. Steeplechasing and hunting have always been intrinsically linked and we are looking forward to having foxhunting in Florida on display at the races in March. "


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