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An Event Like No Other

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Steeplechasing is a historic sport in the United States. The first formally recorded  steeplechase in the US took place in 1834, hosted by the Washington (D.C.) Jockey Club. While spectators no longer arrive by horse and carriage, steeplechasing is a timeless sport that still upholds longstanding traditions and values. The Florida Steeplechase will be the first event of its kind to take place in Ocala, and is currently the only steeplechase meet running in the state of Florida.   

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Steeplechase horses are unique and phenomenal athletes that posses a trifecta of speed, stamina and jumping prowess. Most American steeplechase horses begin their racing careers on the flat track at venues such as Gulfstream Park and Tampa Bay Downs. Many others are imported from overseas, primarily from Ireland, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and New Zealand where jumps racing is more prominent.

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